Tobias Meixner

Software Development Enthusiast in Bangkok, Thailand

Certified Solutions Architect Associate

I know where I’m going and I know the truth,and I don’t have to be what you want me to be.
I’m free to be what I want.Muhummad Ali

Vita of Tobias Meixner

My vita.

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany.

Internship at Research Institute

  • August 2008 – February 2009
  • Berlin, Germany
Fraunhofer IPK Logo
  • Intern/Assistant to Head of Department
  • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Fraunhofer IPK

I have been working as an Intern at one of the research institutes of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.
My tasks included assiting the department head with daily work such as meeting preparation, internet research, reporting and communicating with internal and external customers.

  • Conception and implementation of forecasting methods for a BPM tool
  • Design and implementation of VBA macros for Microsoft Visio
  • meeting preparation and wrap-up (research, presentations, reports)
  • comprehensive 3D-model of the complete department floor

English language course in the UK

  • March 2009 – April 2009
  • Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Kaplan Logo

In spring 2009 I have been to Bournemouth, UK to improve my English and meet people from all over the world. I joined Kaplan Aspect Language School and stayed at a host family at that time. Lessons at school included General English as well as Business English for my elective.

  • Improved English and communication skills in general
  • Enhanced my understanding of other cultures, countries and religions
  • Challenged myself gaining new insights and living abroad
  • Connected to new people and build up friendships around the world

Intern at a mobile media company

  • May 2009 – July 2009
  • Berlin, Germany
Fox Mobile Logo
  • Intern/Assistant to Director Frontend Services
  • Jesta Digital GmbH
    (former Fox Mobile Distribution GmbH)

I have been working as an Intern at the mobile media company Fox Mobile Distribution - now Jesta Digital and also former Jamba/Jamster.
Assisting the Director with daily routine like communication, reporting and planning were one of my tasks. Besides I have been mainly working on internal projects such as a project management application and an internal website.

  • Development and Optimizing of a project management tool for agile methods using VBA for Microsoft Excel
  • Support the implementation of agile methods in the software development and project management
  • Design and conception of webpages for mobile devices (HTML, CSS) -Preparation of presentation and reports

Studying and working as a corporate student

  • October 2009 - September 2012
  • Berlin, Germany

For 3 years I have been a corporate student with alternating sequences of 3 months each between university and work.
I graduated successfully as Bachelor of Science in Information Systems in cooperation with the medium-sized IT-company SAPERION AG.

HWR Berlin Logo
  • B. Sc. Information Systems
  • Grade: 2,3
  • Berlin School of Economics and Law - Department of Cooperative Studies

The university sequences consist of various lectures and sessions in business topics, IT, law and social training. My electives focussed on the business-side of information systems.

  • Project Management
  • Management of information security
  • Trends and future of information & communication technology

Studying and working as a corporate student

  • October 2009 - September 2012
  • Berlin, Germany

During the practical terms of my studies I have been working with ECM software company SAPERION AG which has been aquired by Lexmark Enterprise Software in 2015.

Saperion Logo

As a corporate student I was able to alternate between departments at SAPERION AG. The company is one of the leading ECM software vendors. For each sequence I have been assigned to department specific tasks which gave me an deep insight to various departments.

Departments worked in:
Accounting, Human Resources, Professional Services, Customer Service, Development, Product Management

  • applying theoretical studies in "real life"
  • implementation of a competency management tool (Excel VBA)
  • installation of a web-based customer satisfaction survey
  • design and deployment of a reporting dashboard (Excel VBA, REST API)

Delivering IT Peace of mind

  • since October 2012
  • Bangkok, Thailand

Since October 2012 I am working at Infinity IT Success Ltd. (formerly SoftControl.Net), Ltd., a Thai IT provider. I am supporting the software development unit as a Junior Project Manager in the beginning and now as Consultant. Main business is web design, websites, web applications and SEO.

SoftControl Logo
  • Junior Project Manager
  • Infinity IT Success Ltd. (formerly SoftControl.Net), Ltd.

As a project manager I was responsible for the success of web projects including project planning, communication, tracking and monitoring. Main projects were websites, website migrations and e-commerce.

  • Working in an international team serving international customers
  • Managing multiple projects at the same time
  • Project-related communication, tracking, feedback

  • Consultant (Software Development)
  • April 2013 - May 2015

With extend responsibilities I have been working as Consultant in the same department. Additional to project managment I am taking care of project initiation, pre-sales activities, estimation and consulting. My main focus is on web project management, web design and SEO.

  • Web / IT Consulting
  • Requirement gathering and project estimation
  • Web project managment
  • SEO Analysis and On-Page optimization

  • Account Manager (Software Development)
  • May 2015 - December 2016

From May 2015 until December 2016 I took over the lead for Infinity's software development services team (16 people). As a part of the role I am key contact for our customers and manage some of the development projects.

  • Lead for a Software Development team of 16
  • Account Management
  • Responsible for department revenue
  • Web project managment

Improving urban life in Thailand

  • January - April 2017
  • Bangkok, Thailand

From January 2017 until April 2017 I have worked at Rabbit Internet Co. Ltd., a Thai company builder with its own ventures.

SoftControl Logo

  • Managing the communication between IT and the different business areas
  • Writing specific requirements for developers and working with them to assure that the features are delivered as requested
  • Assuring that layout, features, workflows and business processes deliver the expected business benefit

Fasion Design & Collaboration

  • since April 2017
  • Bangkok, Thailand

Since April 2017 I am working at BrikL Ltd. building a unique fashion design and collaboration platform for the apparel industry.

BrikL Logo

  • Leading BrikL's development team
  • Technical guidance for the development team through coaching and mentorship
  • Building and ensure delivery according to product roadmap

MBA (Part-time)

  • since July 2016
  • Bangkok, Thailand

Since July 2016 I study MBA at Bangkok University. Classes are on Saturdays for around 2 years until 2018.

Bangkok University Logo
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Grade: tbd
  • Bangkok University

The MBA program’s is to prepare for management leadership in business and administration. The program provides the managerial skills necessary to make and implement decisions. With its strong emphasis on analytical problem solving.

    Core courses:
  • Marketing Management
  • Information Technology
  • International Business

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.
And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.
If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.
Don’t settle.
As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.Steve Jobs


Generating ideas for customers comes along with working on private projects.

Thai Mai Dai

January 2015 - January 2017
Owner, Design, Development

Thai Mai Dai was a blog about real-life experience in Thailand. The blog is powered by with my own custom theme.

Thai Mai Dai
Landing Page

December 2014 - January 2017
Owner, Design, Development

The landing page / About page for the Thai Mai Dai web project is aiming to introduce the new service and promote it.

Patrick Wings
Website & Blog

since May 2014

Patrick Wings is a successful Online Marketing Manager and good friend of mine, based in Bangkok.
I have been closely working together with to create a personal online portfolio and blog run on Wordpress.

Font Awesome

since October 2014

A quiz about brand logos/icons using Font Awesome.
It is integrated into my blog using PHP, AJAX and jQuery.


My blog

since January 2014
Designer, Developer and Author

Rebuilt in 2016 to be tech-focused under new domain

My personal blog with a tech focus.
Initially using Dropplets CMS and switched to Wordpress in 2016 with a design aligned to my site here.


April 2015-April 2016
Designer, Developer

For about a year this has been my site taking a few ideas from Google Material Design.


old version of

2014-March 2015
Designer, Developer

This has been my site from 2014 during the hype of flat design.


old version of


This has been the first version of my website which is based on Viewpoint template that I have modified to my needs.


If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.Albert Einstein


I love managing web projects and dealing with customers but still enjoy to learn, code and fix issues myself in projects.

Working knownledge


Web project management
JIRA (Agile)
MS Excel
Agile Development / Scrum
Development Team Lead

CMS and Frameworks

Working knownledge

Web Development

Responsive Web Design

Web Development Tools

Atom + Sublime Text (Emmet, Linter)
Firebug & Chrome Dev Tools
Git & Github & Sourcetree & Bitbucket
npm (Gulp, Grunt, Bower, YeoMan)
AWS (EC2, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, DynamoDB)
Working knownledge

Web Optimization

Technical SEO
SEO Data Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research

Web Optimization Tools

Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Bing Webmaster Tools

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.C.G. Jung

About Tobias Meixner

An insight.


Top 5 in the 12-hour Online Business Game of Nyenrode Business Universiteit
Entitled to a scholarship for Master in Management


I have been living in Thailand for more than 2 years working in an international company. Also been travelling around (Europe, Asia) so have an understanding and esteem for other cultures, standards and conventions


I have been a professional ice speed skater for 11 years with a strong influence of discipline, team work and adherence to instructions and hard work

Web enthusiast

The Web is a passion of mine since my teenage. I am always keen on new technologies and trends.

Certified Solutions Architect Associate

How I see myself

  • Driven by passion engine to success
  • INFP following MBTI assessment
  • Individualistic thinking outside the box
  • Positive thinker key to be persistant
  • Service-oriented giving rather than taking
  • Creative having constant ideas
  • Loyal unconditionally and long-term-oriented
  • Hard-working dedicated to achieve results
  • Inspirational enjoying to engage or teach

What other say about me

  • Lisa DePetro
    Tobias is an innovative web development project manager with a high level of creativity and a strong sense of teamwork. Tobias has led several projects that produced new websites with fully new designs and content.

    Based on the quality of his project teams' output, customers have requested to have additional website projects led by him.

    Tobias has a strength in building long-standing working relationships with his customers by taking time to understand their needs and the problems they are trying to solve. Tobias is very well liked by his fellow team members and is a respected leader.
  • Patrick Wings
    From our first project together, I appreciated Tobias calmness and his great ability to solve problems and deliver excellent results. Tobias is a very skilled Project Manager who can handle Web Design and Web Development projects without any problems.

    His positive attitude always had a good impact on the whole team. His friendly and helpful character is valued by all team members.

    Without any doubts I can recommend Tobias in a role of as Project Management for Web Design, Web Development, and Software Development Projects.


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