Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.C.G. Jung


Born and raised in Berlin, Germany.
Growing up being professional ice speed skater with mediocre success.

Then found my true passion in technology overall and later specifically building software which resulted in studying Business Informatics at Berlin School of Economics and Law in cooperation with software vendor SAPERION AG (corporate studies).

After graduation in 2012 I moved to Asia with constantly expanding responsibilities in software development as project manager and team lead. After 6 years in Bangkok, Thailand I am now based in Guangzhou, China.

Since 2016 I am driving the team and technology at BRIKL where we build the next-generation of e-commerce store front with integrated 3D design studio.
As Co-founder and CTO most of my energy and passion is going into products we are building together with a great team at BRIKL.

The past months I started to give back to the community by organising regular GraphQL meetups in Bangkok and helping to organise the GraphQL Asia conference.

As another form of giving back and sharing my experience I am also available as architect, consultant, technical advisor or speaker. Feel free to contact me here.


  • Driven by passionmy engine to success
  • INFPfollowing MBTI assessment
  • Individualisticthinking outside the box
  • Positive thinkerkey to be persistant
  • Service-orientedgiving rather than taking
  • Creativehaving constant ideas
  • Loyalunconditionally long-term-oriented
  • Hard-workingdedicated to achieve results
  • Inspirationalenjoying to engage or teach
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